‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Riff Discussed by 5SOS

5 Seconds of Summer are already teasing the 1st official single off their as-yet-untitled sophomore album for weeks on social media marketing and their 5 about the Wall site. On Friday, the Australian pop punkers released the catchy, old-school song “She’s Kinda Hot.”

With the revolutionary track, 5SOS are making a rockier departure using their company self-titled debut. Sounding similar to the early-to-mid-Aughts bands the group had writing sessions with with regards to new LP (Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Simple Plan), the Australian band have honed the California punk whine.

“I’m surprised that individuals love that song as it would be heavy as hell,” guitarist Michael Clifford tells Rolling Stone. “I’m so happy men and women are supportive of this type of music again, which can be always the style of music that we’ve needed to make.”

Clifford and drummer Ashton Irwin co-wrote the song with Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte as well as the album’s executive producer John Feldmann. “I went to the desert with my girlfriend right at that moment for two days something like that, and I was like ‘Okay, I have to return to their office by Monday morning because I have a writing session at John’s,'” Irwin explains in regards to the song’s origin. “I got there and everyone is referring to my time from the desert ’cause I had never visited the desert before.”

She’s Kinda Hot – 5SOS

“Benji started playing the riff that’s inside song,” Clifford adds. “He thought it sounded just like a desert cowboy riff. We just all came around that riff. That first verse is literally the very first thing that located our head, which has been just real stupid stuff.”

Originally, Irwin handled lead vocals for the track. “When we wrote that song, we had arrived like ‘Ashton will sing that whole song as it would be going to be, like, a drummer’s song,'” Clifford says.

“Kiss did by using ‘Beth,’ but that has been a different form of song,” Irwin elaborates. “We got everyone’s vocals onto it and now it’s actually a totally different song. I actually haven’t paid attention to the one I sang in the long time.”

With lyrics like, “We will be the kings and also the queens of the newest broken scene,” 5SOS are hoping use a little inspiration and solace with their fervent fanbase. “I think the song’s got an incredibly cool message,” Clifford says. “It’s like, ‘Yeah we’re screwed up kids, but we’re destined to be okay.'”

5 Seconds of Summer begin the North American leg in their world tour Friday night in Las Vegas.


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