5 Seconds of Summer, hey everybody

Hey Everybody a New Worldwide Music Hit?

5 Seconds of Summer are imagining life as a number of the richest people in the world in the audio video for “Hey Everybody.” On Friday (Oct. 16), prior to the release of Sounds Good, Feels Good, 5SOS dropped its latest visual, and inside clip, they alternate between being just four hardworking men from Australia and partying this in a big ol’ mansion.

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The video features the boys of 5SOS your variety of terrible, low paying jobs. Michael Clifford is relegated to spinning hot dog signs in the pub corner, Calum Hood includes a dog walking business, Luke Hemmings can be a temp at the crappy office and Ashton Irwin is usually a children’s birthday performer, dressed in the dinosaur costume for a few extra adorable-ness.

Between shots on the band performing, we also begin to see the 5 Seconds of Summer fantasies with the items life will be like whenever they weren’t quite so broke. In the gardens of the estate property, 5SOS ride around on Segway scooters, create their unique video game, hold an individual wrestling match and spin some canes while wearing spiffy white suits.

Playing into your excessive lifestyle aspect from the video, 5SOS also parody rap videos by looking into making it rain dolla dolla bills, yo.

“Hey Everybody” will be the latest single from 5 Seconds of Summer’s forthcoming album Sounds Good Feels Good, which can be finally because of be released on Friday, Oct. 23. “Hey Everybody” follows the discharge and promotion with the lead Sounds Good, Feels Good single “She’s Kinda Hot.”

Hey Everybody


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